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8 Smart Ad Hacks to Optimize Spending and Boost Sales

Unlock the potential of Facebook advertising with these easy-to-implement hacks that will help you spend less and sell more. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, these strategies can make a significant impact on your campaign:

1. Drive Sales with Messenger Ads

Leverage the power of Facebook Messenger, an underused advertising method. By delivering sales-oriented messages directly to users’ inboxes, you can provide information on your latest products, promotions, and events. UFC experienced a 25% increase in purchases after utilizing Messenger ads for UFC 244.

2. Increase Engagement with Video Ads

Harness the visual appeal of targeted Facebook video ads. Videos have the potential to exponentially increase sales by showcasing products and demonstrating their usage. Swingrail, a baseball bat manufacturer, witnessed an 85% boost in sales with 15-second mobile-first Facebook video ads.

3. Use an Ad’s ID to Consolidate

Avoid duplicating efforts by choosing to duplicate video ads rather than creating entirely new ones. This ensures the retention of likes and comments from previous ads, providing valuable social proof.

4. Target a Specific Audience with Insights

Optimize your ad spend by focusing on a specific target audience. Utilize Facebook’s Audience Insights feature to gather data on your audience’s likes, demographics, and reach. Activewear brand AYBL achieved a remarkable 23X return on ad spend by creating custom audiences based on insights.

5. Utilize Auto-Replies

Enhance customer experience by utilizing automatic comments and replies. Quick responses to inquiries or questions via Messenger contribute to positive customer interaction. Hats Unlimited experienced a 31% increase in revenue by implementing auto-replies.

6. Show Your Proof with User-Generated Content

Leverage user-generated content to showcase your product’s legitimacy and popularity. Encourage customers to create their ads or share images and videos featuring your products. This strategy not only saves costs but also boosts sales.

7. Research Your Competition

Stay ahead by researching your competition’s ad strategies. Analyze their approach and develop a unique strategy that sets you apart. OnePlus India capitalized on a gap in interactive ads used by competitors, leading to increased brand awareness.

8. Focus on Sequential Engagement

Implement a sequential engagement campaign to retarget customers who have previously visited your page. Utilize retargeting with specific ads for different audience segments based on their engagement level. Eid Almujaibel, an online marketing expert, achieved a 15X return on ad spend with sequential retargeting.


Whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise, these ad hacks emphasize the effectiveness of video ads and user-generated content. Incorporate these strategies into your campaign to make the most of your Facebook advertising budget.

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