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9 Proven Christmas Ads Strategies for Record-Breaking Online Sales

'This is the season for skyrocketing online sales! As the world turns to digital shopping, here are nine powerful strategies to maximize your ROI during this festive season:

Start Early Audience Expansion

Get a head start on building your customer base. Run lead generation and holiday-themed ads early. Instead of direct sales, offer valuable content like gift guides to gather email addresses. Engage leads with email marketing to keep the excitement alive.

Out-of-the-Box Deals Planning

Move beyond standard discounts. Keep the momentum going with fresh content and enticing deals. Boost average order value (AOV) by using bundle sales, early access perks, mystery bonuses, BOGO offers, hourly limited-time deals, tiered discounts, and last-minute shipping deals.

Explore New Audiences

Broaden your reach by targeting different lookalike audiences. Start from your most valuable customers and expand to include all shoppers, cart abandoners, and website visitors. In addition to lookalikes, test broad interest-based audiences for a comprehensive approach.

Retargeting Goldmine

Capitalize on your existing audience. Increase retargeting spending, personalized deals, and offers based on customer data. Utilize dynamic ads to retarget leads interested in specific products. Tailor special offers for distinct audiences such as high spenders and recent visitors.

User-Generated Recycled Video Magic

Elevate your retargeting game with user-generated videos. Leverage authentic content from real users to build trust and reduce acquisition costs. Prioritize accumulating high-quality user-generated recycled content (UGC) before diving into your holiday ads.

Automatic Placements Advantage

When ad space competition intensifies, explore new placements. Whether using auto or manual placements, customize creatives for each placement, including stories, audience network, and messenger, to optimize the ad experience.

Mobile Optimization Mastery

Cater to the mobile-centric generation. Ensure your ads load quickly on smartphones, include video captions, are localized, and prioritize mobile-friendly placements for the best ad experience.

Continuous Ads Testing

Equip yourself for the holiday battle with tested ads. Run variations with isolated changes in creatives, copy, audience, placements, offers, or campaign structure. Prioritize ad quality based on healthy Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for sales campaigns.

Learn from Past Success

Analyze past data for trends and successful ads. Leverage insights on creative, copy, positioning, and promotions to refine this year’s strategy. Embrace successful sales and bundle deals from the past for a triumphant holiday season.

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